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Conveyor and Machine Belting for the Non-Woven Textile Industry

Benson Beltings have been supplying belts to the "non-woven" industry for many years, probably for longer than any other belting company in the UK. This is quite a bold statement but Bensons were making leather conveyor sheets for the felt industry as long ago as the 1930's. Such belts were made by patching together various pieces of brown leather in order to make up belts up to 96" wide and 50 foot long. These sheets were most often fitted with leather tracking strips or buttons and were the fore-runners of the more sophisticated thermoplastic belts manufactured today.

Non-wovens are considered by many to be the modern, high-tech face of the textile industry and the term covers a wide variety of production methods and finished products. Benson Beltings supply belts for a very diverse range of applications.

Processes:Cross Lapper Belts

Production:Non-Woven Textiles

ConversionPillow Production Belts:

Ancillaries:Tracking Guides and Buttons

Service:Vulcanising Press

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