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Spen-Thane Extruded Belting

Spen-Thane belting comprises an extensive range of weld-able solid, reinforced, or hollow sections made from extruded Polyurethane and Polyester compounds. The range, which consists of Flat, Round, Vee and Special profiles, is widely used for both power transmission and conveying applications in industries handling a range of products ranging from Food to Paper and Print, to Industrial Laundries.

Non-Reinforced Polyurethane Belting - is the most widely used material, due to its flexibility, elasticity, and the fact that it can be easily joined using a Hot Iron welding tool.

Spen-Thane round Polyurethane Belting

Colours range through Clear, Green, Orange, and Blue, which is now widely used for direct food contact applications, and fully complies with FDA and European regulations (1935/2004 and 10/2011).

Sizes of round products range from 2mm to 15mm, with selected imperial sizes also available.

Hollow Round sections are also available in selected diameters.

Reinforced Polyurethane Belting - is reinforced with polyester cords or tapes within the extrusion, to give additional strength and reduced stretch. It is the ideal choice for heavy-duty conveying applications where loads can cause non-reinforced belts to elongate and slip. The reinforced product will require a larger pulley diameter than the non-reinforced product, and the addition of a take-up adjustment within the conveyor.

Special Profile Polyurethane Belting - can include textured surfaces to increase grip for applications including the Textile industry, and woodworking, to raised surfaces to reduce the contact point for conveying products such as ceramics, which can easily be marked.

V section with Grip TopPentagonal Extrusion

Spen-Thane Extruded ProfilesJoints in Spenthane Belting

Hollow Spen-Thane is joined by the insertion of a small Aluminium connector into both ends of the cut length of belt.

Twist Bands are also used for driving rollers from a common shaft. The "Hook and Eye" fixing requires no tools, but the belts must be made to the correct length during manufacture.


The products are complimented with a range of specialist cutting and joining tools

PQ-18 Joining Tool

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