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Spen-Ply Conveyor Belts

Spen-Ply Conveyor belting encompasses a wide range of Plied Construction conveyor belts using a variety of cover materials including PVC, Polyurethane, Rubber, Polyester, Silicone, and PTFE, built around core fabrics including Polyester, Polyamide, Cotton, Glass, Aramid and Poly / Cotton blend.

Spen-Ply Conveyor BeltingSpen-Ply Conveyor Belts can have a wide variety of properties, depending on the application requirements. Surface colours and textures vary widely, many specific to certain industry needs.

Sidewall BeltFlights and Sidewalls can be attached to the belt surface, in a variety of configurations. PVC and PU profiles are added using the latest High Frequency welding techniques.
A wide range of tracking profiles can be applied to the back of the belts, again to suit the conveyor manufacturer's requirements.

Surface Textures are used to change the  properties of the belt where it is in contact with the product conveyed.
Belt Surface ProfilesApplication specific properties ensure that the belt offers the optimum performance for the application.

From "Super High Grip" for incline conveying to "High Release" slippery surface belts for Bakery or Accumulation conveyors - Spen-Ply covers it all.

Spen-Ply Conveyor BeltsThe complete range of belts and applications is far too wide to list on a single page. We are sure that there is a belt within our range for 99.9% of the applications that already exist. We are always happy to look at the unusual, and welcome the challenge of finding the best Belting Solution.

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