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Spen-Metallic Wire Link & Mesh Belting

Spen-Metallic conveyor belts have been used for many years in a wide variety of applications:

Equipment for blanching vegetables and potatoes. Pasteurisation tunnels for the canning industry and breweries. Dryers, fryers and baking ovens for French fries and snacks foods. Cooling and freezing tunnels for potatoes, French fries, vegetables, meat, fish and bakery products. Industrial washing and drying tunnels. Food processing. Confectionery. Baking. Textiles. Printing and the electronics industry.

Spen-Metallic conveyor belts are available in many different styles:

Wire-Flex BeltingWire-flex belting is ideal for breading, battering, cooking, and coating food products. It has a range of uses in processing meat, poultry, seafood, baked goods, cereal, confectionery and electronic P.C. boards. Wire-flex is lightweight, easy to handle, and quick to install. It is sprocket driven to provide positive drive and consistent tracking.


Eye-Link Wire BeltEye-link belts incorporate flat steel plate links with rigid cross rods, creating a robust metal belt for more demanding applications. Positive drive sprockets ensure a perfectly straight run. Various designs of belt are offered, which can include a more open area, with a low surface contact area. Cross flights can be incorporated in the belt to suit specific applications.

Wire-Weave BeltsWire-Weave belts are probably the most common metal belt and usually have simple or balanced spirals of wire woven together. The degree of "open-ness" lends itself to a wide variety of uses. Chain-link belts are used on lightweight applications but "balanced" weave belts are generally more heavy duty. They are usually friction driven and offer straight tracking and long belt life. Typically produced with round wire, the use of flattened wire provides a flat carrying surface and a twill weave can be used to enhance this characteristic.

Chain Driven Wire BeltsChain Driven Belts, often based on the Wire-Weave style above, offer the design advantages of the standard belt, together with the positive drive of fitted simplex, or duplex chain fitments at each side offering improved traction for difficult applications, where straight tracking can be affected by the product conveyed. This style is often used in applications such as Cookers & Fryers. High Temperature Ovens & Dryers, Bottling & Canning Lines, and Washing & Pasteurising lines.

Honeycomb Wire BeltHoneycomb belts are made from flat strips of steel and are for either heavy duty applications or ones that require a very open structure. They are sprocket driven and true running.


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