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Spen-Link Spiral Link Monofilament Belts

SPEN-LINK is a heat stabilised monofilament open link structure belt with a smooth surface. For general maintenance work, the seam, which is simply one of the links that make up the belt, can be quickly opened in order to remove the belt. Applications range from Dryer fabrics in the textile or food processing industries, to de-watering of any conveyed product.

SPEN-LINK is supplied with a flexible, but robust edge seal, in order to protect against mechanical damage.

A range of qualities is manufactured, including "State of the Art" monofilament yarns such as PPS (Ryton®).

Spen-Link BY Spen-Link AE Spen-Link OR
Spen-Link BY Spen-Link AE Spen-Link OR

Available Yarn Types

C - Standard Polyester - White or Red in Colour

E - Modified Polyester - Hydrolysis Resistant - Green in Colour

R - Polyester with 5% PTFE alloy Yarn, Contamination Resistant - Blue in Colour

V - FDA Approved - White Polyester for Food Contact Applications

Y - PPS (Ryton®) - High Temperature Hydrolysis Resistant - Amber in Colour

Link Size
Link Size
Link Size
Nominal Thickness (mm) 2.10 2.60 3.00
Diameter of Spiral Monofilament (mm) 0.55 0.70 0.90
Diameter of Cross Pintle Wires (mm) .090 0.90 0.90
Number of Spirals Per Metre 270 200 140
Porosity (m3/m2/Hr. @ pressure difference of 100Pa) 15,040 16,000 17,520
Available Yarn Types C E R V Y C E R V R
Needled (N) and Stuffer (S) Yarns Available N S S -

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