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Spen-Flex Polyurethane Timing Belts

Benson Beltings Spen-Flex range of Polyurethane Timing Belts encompasses a wide variety of metric and imperial
belts, in open lengths, truly endless belts, or jointed endless belts with a range of backings, flights and engineered finishes to suit a variety of industrial uses. Spen-Flex timing belts are the perfect choice for applications requiring precision product or component placement. Perfectly formed teeth and accurate tooth tolerances, along with the strength delivered by our steel and Aramid cords, assure efficient entrance and exit from your pulley in your single or bi-directional drive applications. For higher speed applications we offer polyamide fabric added to the tooth side for the ultimate in low noise and wear resistance.

Fabric face on Timing Belts

Polyamide added to the tooth side of the belt reduces the coefficient of friction as the belt meshes with the pulley teeth. This yields smoother tooth engagement and offers lower application noise.
A lower coefficient of friction can also extend wear resistance when tooth side contacts with slider bed in conveying applications and as a side effect lower energy consumption results. Polyamide on the conveying or reverse side of a timing belt can reduce friction between the surface of the product conveyed and the surface of the belt.

Linatex Backed Timing Belt

Belts are available with covers of different materials to assist in product handling. Some cover materials are produced during our belt manufacturing process, while others are added in a secondary process. Covers are available in different hardness and thickness combinations.

Punched Timing Belt

Belts are able to be punched for effective use on vacuum conveyors, mounting mechanical attachments, and product sizing applications. After covers are applied to the timing belt it can profile grind the cover to yield designs that include slots, grooves, contours, V-shapes and round shapes.

PU Timing Belt with FlightsPU Flight

Added profiles welded to the belts are used in a wide array of applications including assembly, packaging, filling and automation for precise indexing, sequencing and synchronous movements, separating or actuating product movement down the conveyor or processing line.


Imperial pitch belts are designed with a trapezoidal tooth and a 40° tooth angle. Imperial pitch belts are typically used in general conveying and linear movement applications. Metric T pitch belts are designed with a trapezoidal tooth form where the teeth are shaped with a 40° angle. Metric T belts are an excellent choice for general conveying applications. Metric AT pitches are designed with a trapezoidal tooth form where the teeth are shaped with a 50° angle. The AT series provides design enhancements beyond the metric T series to yield a higher load-carrying capacity. This is the right choice for applications requiring minimal backlash.

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Special Structured Covers for Spen-Flex Polyurethane Timing Belts

Timing belts are no longer used only for driving machinery they are now an integral part of many very sophisticated
production processes in a diverse range of industries. Timing belts are frequently used for synchronised conveying applications or to manipulate products into the correct position. The characteristics of a belt can be significantly changed by the addition of one of a number of secondary materials to the back of the belt and engineered for specific applications.

A special process now allows us to apply virtually any conventional conveyor belt surface to a timing belt.

Some, but not all such backings are featured below and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we might design a belt to solve your conveying / drive problem.

Additional wear resistance
Covers that provide longer belt life in applications where abrasion can occur between the product conveyed and the belt conveying surface.

Smooth Top Surface Natural Rubber Textile Structure Rough Textile Structure

Closed and open cell foams and sponges in various thicknesses are used to squeeze, cradle and cushion products where design integrity and fragile materials require extra care. Actual density used will be based on application need.

Closed Cell Foam Soft Sponge    

Food-grade covers
Covers added that offer good resistance to oils, acids and other conditions typically found in moving food related products.

Smooth Surface Waffle Quadrangular Saw tooth
Pimple Top Cone Top Herringbone  

Good release
Covers that allow easy product release whether hot or sticky.

Ultra Glossy Textile Structure    

Heat resistant
Covers that allow hot products to be conveyed without effect on the thermoplastic urethane base belt.

Non-Woven Fleece Isolating Rubber    

High friction
Covers grab, feed or move the product on horizontal or inclined conveyors.

Quadrangular Orb Structure Longitudinal Rib Jink Wave
Grip Structure Rough Top    

Low friction
Covers that allow the conveying side to slip under accumulated load conditions.

Smooth Non-Adhesive Fabric Surface    

Shock absorption
Covers that absorb shock when dropping products from one level to the next.

Thick Rubber Closed Cell Foam Soft Sponge  

Download a pdf Data Sheet Download a pdf Data Sheet (178KB)    Download Covering Materials Catalogue Download Covering Materials Catalogue (547kb)

Film Wrapper "Tear Strip" Belts

Film Wrapping machines used in the Tea, Coffee, Tobacco, Pharmaceutical and Confectionery industries use a standard belt:-

Tear Strip Belts for Film Wrapper

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Sausage Production Belts

Benson Beltings offer a full range of high quality belts for the meat processing industry and in particular for sausage manufacturing.

The performance of modern high speed sausage making machines goes hand in glove with the performance of the belts used in the forming section. The belts “draw” the sausage away from the filler head by gripping it from above and below and must provide a gentle but firm hold for the best results and we offer both rubber and silicone food grade backings machined to accommodate a wide variation of product length and girth.

Sausage Production Belts

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