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Rubber & Canvas Transmission Belting

Rubber & Canvas Friction Surface Transmission Belting was developed before the turn of the last century, as industry increased it's demand for higher power drive capabilities than the traditional leather belting used previously. The original "Balata" belting was manufactured by folding a high quality cotton canvas, impregnated with Balata Gum. The method was superseded by the modern square edge construction, where a length of material can be much wider, and cut to the required width.

As with leather belting, Rubber & Canvas transmission belting is easily joined with mechanical fasteners, using no specialist tools. It is for this reason that many applications still use this type of transmission belt to the present day.

Rubber & Canvas Transmission BeltingRubber and Canvas Transmission Belting

Line Shaft Drive in a Textile Mill                                    A1940's Threshing Machine

Rubber & Canvas Transmission Belting

Our Rubber & Canvas Transmission Belting can be easily joined with a variety of metal fasteners, the above example shows a Clipper Fastener joint, with the fastener recessed below the belt surface on one side.

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