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Packaging Belts

Most products are packaged to present them for sale to the end user. This can range from food, and pharmaceutical products, to the blister pack for a new pen, on the supermarket shelf.

The range of belts is almost as wide as the goods conveyed, where items are weighed, measured, checked for contaminants such as metal, before being either rejected, or sent to the packaging machine. Needless to say, if a belt is involved, then we certainly have the product in our range, and the ability to add flights, tracking guides, vacuum holes, or other machine specific requirements to meet the requirements of today's modern machinery.

Grabber Vertical Form Fill & Seal BeltGrabber Feed BeltFriction Feed Belts are used on many specialist packaging machines, due to their high grip surface for handling the carton or film used.

Vertical Form, Fill & Seal machines use belts for handling the film, packaging items ranging from breakfast cereals, to chemicals, to sachets of liquids.

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Check Weigher Belts Shrink Tunnel Sidewall Belt with flights

Wire Belt