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Belt Joining Technology

Modern conveyor and process belts can be joined in a multitude of ways.

VulcanisingHigh Speed Vulcanising Press

Benson Beltings can supply belts pre-Vulcanised endless or can fit them on site and vulcanise the joint in-situ. Alternatively we offer a range of equipment, supplemented by full training in vulcanising techniques, that allow customers to join their own belts. The new Hi-Speed press for joining 1 & 2 ply PU belts is exceptionally simple to use and will join a prepared belt from start to finish in less than 10 minutes!

Mechanical Belt Fasteners

Steel belt fasteners offer a quick and simple way of joining belts or repairing damaged ones. Benson Beltings stock one of the largest range of light duty fasteners in the UK. We have been the prime distributor of Clipper brand hook style fasteners for many years and also distribute Flexco, Steelace, Mastabar and Minet brands. The new Self-Lock range is very compact and neat and fits very flush to the belt surface reducing the risk of product damage or joint snagging.

Clipper Hook FastenerFlexco Ready SetSelf-Lock fastenersMinet Rivet FastenerMS 25 Screw Fastener

Clipper Hooks                Flexco Ready-Set                    Self-Lock                        Minet Rivet                    MS-25 Screw

Download pdf Size Selection Guide (198KB)    Download Clipper Training manual Clipper Training Manual (1.76MB)    Download Ready-Set Product Information Ready-Set Product Information (1.22MB)    Download MS-25 Screw Fastener Information MS-25 Screw Fastener Detail (63KB)

Alligator G series FastenerSpiral Lace FastenerPlastic Rivet FastenerFlex-Weld Hybrid Joint

Alligator G Series        Spiral Lace Fastener        Plastic Rivet Fastener        Flex-Weld Hybrid

FP 30-10-50 Tape Cutter

FP 30-10-50 Tape Cutter

Download a pdf version of this page Download a pdf Data Sheet (88KB)    Download pdf of FP 30-10-50 Tape Cutter Download pdf information of FP 30-10-50 Tape Cutter (96KB)