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Materials Handling

In Materials Handling from storage to sorting and general locomotion of goods, you will find Benson Beltings have the belting solution to virtually every belt application. Thanks to our highly qualified specialists, our specific industry know-how, and continuous resolve to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction, Benson Beltings is successful in providing a complete product range which suits the needs of the Materials Handling industry.

The complete belting offerAirport Baggage Loader

PVC coated fabric beltsPVC Mechanical Handling Belts

Preferred solution for Materials Handling with excellent cost-value ratio for general conveying purposes.

TPU coated belts

Solution for high demanding applications, e.g. small pulleys and narrow transfer points, extreme temperatures, oily environment, applications which ask for cut and abrasion resistant surfaces.

Mechanical Handling ConveyorsNonwoven belts

The nonwoven construction (polyester web/fleece PET) is particularly suitable for materials handling applications under rough and rugged conditions.

Rubber coated belts (EPDM)

The rubber (ethylene-propylene-terpolymer) coated belts ensure excellent grip and abrasion resistance. A superior belt performance is ensured where high friction and damping features are decisive. Rubber coated belts are suitable for inclined, declined and horizontal conveying, as well as for gapping, metering, singulation and acceleration applications.

Plastic Modular BeltPlastic modular belts

Plastic modular belts are used successfully in a wide range of applications in material handling and general conveying like straight and/or combined radius transport, inclines, accumulation / separation, pusher sorter with 90° transfer, alignment and centering, and many more.

Polyurethane round belts (TPU)

Round belts can be used as conveying elements or for driving applications. They are particularly suitable for angular gears. Benson Beltings offer a comprehensive range of round belts made of high quality polyurethane in diameters between 2 and 15 mm. The round belts can be made endless on the machine by welding the ends which allows easy installation and maintenance with minimum downtime.

Power transmission belts / live roller drive belts

Polyester or Aramid reinforced power transmission belts are especially suitable for live roller conveyor applications (continuous / zero pressure systems). A wide range of belt strengths are available. All belts can be joined with an easy to use, reliable joining system.

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