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deniway® Plate Chain Conveyor

The deniway® plate chain conveyor

  • works like a kit
  • is outstanding simple, robust and reliable• is based on rollers
  • is subject to less wear and tear
  • is therefore low on maintenance and durable
  • enables long conveyors of up to 300 m with just one drive
  • consumes less energy
  • is ideal for large unit goods of up to 50 kg
  • allows very fast speeds of up to 1.5 m/sec
  • is also available in stainless steel, e.g. for the beverage industry
  • increases productivity
  • cuts investment costs and TCO

Prepared for anything
Standardised components are also supplied in addition to the basic C-channel, plate chain and return. Supports and side guidance plates are some of the accessories, as well as screws, tube guidance systems and clamps. Peripheral equipment can be added to the conveyor, for example in-feed belts, or pushers and dischargers. Components made by other manufacturers are also easy to integrate. One single system is all that’s needed for a whole conveyor and all processes can be controlled from one central point.

Solid bogie design
Each of the bogies on the plate chain transfer the force via a chassis made of two steel bands. A cast-iron component riveted on connects the support plate and lateral roller.

An ingenious rolling principle (which is therefore low on friction) in a C-shaped profile is used to direct the deniway chains. The joint between the links makes the plate chain conveyor flexible in all directions. deniway is also designed as a kit. The three basic components, consisting of a C-shaped channel, plate chain and return, usually cover standard requirements.

Extendable at any time
deniway conveyors can be extended at any time, so that they constantly adapt to the latest demands. Screws make fitting, or changing the layout easy.

Efficiency included
The more complex a conveyor, the greater deniway® proves its efficiency. In business terms, the relatively low investment required and the total cost of ownership (TCO) are impressive.

deniway plate chain conveyordeniway plate chain conveyordeniway plate chain conveyor
deniway layout

Download deniway flyer Download deniway flyer (1MB)    Download deniway Data Sheet Download deniway Data Sheet (102KB)