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deniroll® Curve Support

Curves and spiral conveyors are subject to high levels of tensile force. Sliding friction leads to extreme material abrasion, high energy consumption and generates heat. But these factors aren’t unavoidable. With deniroll curve support, the modular belt is no longer guided in a runner around the curve. It rolls around the curve. Rollers conduct the radial forces without putting a strain on the material. The movement resistance of the rollers is 10 to 15 times lower than that of runners.

Energy cut by 60 per cent
Denipro planned and developed the curve support in conjunction with the Technical University of Chemnitz, Germany. Scientists at the university ran tests showing that thanks to deniroll, a spiral conveyor around 20 Metres in length with six 90-degree curves required 60 per cent less energy. Numerous transfer points, that would otherwise have been required, are not necessary. Therefore, the risk of malfunctioning is reduced and the conveyor only needs one instead of three drives.

Also suitable for cleanrooms
deniroll is made completely of plastic, rendering lubricants and maintenance unnecessary. The curve support is suitable for cleanrooms and ideal for food production.

Low-profile type
deniroll, the energy-saving and low-abrasion curve support, is also available as a low-profile type. On the inside radius, the products conveyed can protrude Less friction means less wear and tear, lower energy consumption and less thermal build-up. This increases the conveyor’s useful life, enabling smoother operation and permitting fewer drives. As a result, productivity increases significantly, while overheads decrease. Denipro’s innovative rolling principle around the curve has become a permanent feature. And deniroll is a popular choice in the food and beverage industry.

deniroll curve support deniroll curve support

For all curve angles and radii
deniroll curve support is available in different versions for all modular belt systems, as well as for all curve angles and radii. Existing modular belt curves are virtually effortless to convert. deniroll makes conveyor design flexible and enables variable layouts.

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