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deniconda® Spiral Conveyors

The deniconda® spiral conveyor

  • is modular
  • can be custom-configured as a result
  • is available in a number of different dimensions
  • is easy to integrate into existing conveyors
  • is lightweight but still very strong
  • is particularly ideal for the food industry
  • is easy to clean
  • uses deniroll® curve support
  • and therefore replaces sliding by rolling
    friction on the inside radius
  • requires a much smaller drive motor
    as a result
  • saves energy and costs
  • is low on wear and tear and maintenance

Solid column design
The tower consists of standard elements of 1 m and 2 m height and can be added to at a later date too. Specially for the food industry, the components are connected tightly so that nothing can penetrate. The solid design of the columns is constructed on generously sized base profiles.

Ready to start immediately
deniconda® is supplied as a fully functional unit. After positioning, aligning and securely anchoring it in the floor it’s ready to start. An excess current switch is included as a standard, making overload impossible.

Hygiene included
The deniconda spiral conveyor conveys and buffers lightweight to medium-weight unit goods in logistics, intralogistics and production applications. It requires no grease or lubricants. Consequently, it’s ideal for areas like food, pharmaceuticals and chemicals that have stringent hygiene regulations. The roller chain is also available with an open, very permeable design and with grips and friction inserts. It’s made of high-quality plastic and can be cleaned. The roller chain is made of high-quality, washable plastic and is also available with a rubber surface which means the parcels don’t slip. A chrome-steel version is available on request.

Deniconda Spiral Conveyor Deniconda Spiral Conveyor

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